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The United States Bankruptcy Court for the Eastern District of Washington has established procedures for mediation to facilitate the voluntary resolution of adversary proceedings and contested matters. Mediation procedures are outlined in ADR Form 1, and the rules governing mediation are found in Local Bankruptcy Rule 9019-2.

Mediation Forms
ADR Form 1 – Mediation Procedures for Parties and Mediator
ADR Form 2 – Certificate of Compliance with LBR 9019-2 (Mediation)
ADR Form 3 – Stipulation Regarding Selection of Mediator
ADR Form 4 – Order Appointing Mediator
ADR Form 5 – Sample Confidentiality Agreement
ADR Form 6 – Mediation Report
ADR Form 7 – Application for Appointment to Bankruptcy Mediation Panel

Mediation Panel Members – Biographies and Contact Information
Erik Bakke
Jefferson Coulter II
Kevin ORourke
Thomas Atwood
Tom Evans