Case Number Title Signed
11-80093-PCW11 Kriegman v. Cooper 2012-07-02
11-80059-PCW Lawrence v. Childers 2012-05-15
11-80321-PCW Terek v. Bundy 2012-04-18
11-80323 Cappello Capital vs AmericanWest Bank, et al. 2011-12-02
11-01152-PCW Arnold John Allen, Jr. and Kimberly Faith Allen 2011-09-15
09-06194 LLS America, LLC 2011-09-08
11-80011 United States of America v. Daniel and Marie Black 2011-04-27
11-80008 Daniel and Marie Black v. United States of America 2011-04-27
09-80164 Clare House Bungalow Homes Residents Association v. Caudill 2011-03-11
10-04088 Victor and Roxanne Wyatt 2011-01-27
10-05827 Darren and Samantha Winchell 2010-12-20
09-80164 Clare House Bungalow Homes Residents Association v. Caudill 2010-12-14
09-80167-FLK Clayton v. Roundup Funding, LLC 2010-10-12
03-00237 Bays vs Bays 2010-08-24
09-04778 In re Arnoux 2010-08-13
A03-00237-JAR Case vs. Grabicki, 2010-08-11
08-04506-PCW7 In re Hageney 2009-12-30
03-00237-JAR Bays v. Bays 2009-09-08
08-80130-PCW Booth v. U.S. Dep't of Educ. 2009-08-28
09-80022-PCW U.S. Trustee v. Patrick 2009-08-12
04-00247-JAR Wells Fargo Bank v. Courson 2009-06-24
03-00237-JAR Bays v. Bays 2009-02-09
03-00237-JAR Bays v. Bays 2008-09-17
03-00237-JAR Bays v. Bays 2008-09-08
03-00237-JAR Bays v. Bays 2008-09-03
03-00237-JAR Bays v. Bays 2008-08-28
03-00237-JAR Bays v. Bays 2008-08-22
03-00237-JAR Bays v. Bays 2008-08-05
07-80122-PCW Munding v. LeMaster and Daniels, P.L.L.C. 2008-07-09
07-80094-PCW Lyons v. Sandifur 2008-04-11
07-80144-PCW Fox v. Precept Brands, L.L.C. 2008-03-26
03-00237-JAR Bays v. Bays 2008-02-25
03-00237-JAR Bays v. Bays 2008-01-11
07-00094-FLK13 In re Broers 2007-12-14
07-00094-FLK13 In re Broers 2007-11-20
05-11474-FLK13 In re Hibbs 2007-10-17
03-00237-JAR Bays v. Bays 2007-09-28
06-80040-PCW Trust v. Johnson 2007-09-07
04-07122-PCW7 In re Riley 2007-08-13
06-02476-PCW13 In re Armstrong 2007-06-12
04-08560-JAR11 In re Wallace 2007-01-29
03-01492-PCW13 In re Hale 2007-01-24
06-01195-PCW13 In re Casey 2006-10-27
04-03781-PCW7 In re Blue 2006-10-20
05-80174-JAR7 U.S. Bank v. Franklin 2006-09-22
03-05590-JAR7 In re Wanechek 2006-09-14
06-80028-PCW Metro. Mortgage and Sec., Co., Inc., v. Quinn 2006-08-08
04-00757-PCW11 In re Metro. Mortgage and Sec., Inc. 2006-08-08
05-11467-FLK7 In re Bush 2006-07-28
06-80035-PCW Summit Sec., Inc. v. Sandifur 2006-06-13
06-80035-PCW Summit Sec., Inc. v. Sandifur 2006-06-08
05-11441-PCW13 In re Coan 2006-01-13
05-80038-PCW Comm. of Tort Litigants v. The Catholic Diocese of Spokane 2005-08-26
04-00291-PCW Shea v. The Catholic Diocese of Spokane 2005-08-26
04-00756-PCW7 In re Metro. Inv. Sec., Inc. 2005-08-24
04-00061-PCW Metro. Mortgage v. Cauvel 2005-06-20
03-07748-PCW13 In re Kreyssler 2004-11-22
03-04628-PCW7 In re Underwood 2004-04-09
03-03851-PCW11 In re Emerald Outdoor Adver. 2003-10-31
03-00165-PCW13 In re Grantham 2003-05-21
02-04195-PCW13 In re Parker 2003-03-27
02-03464-PCW7 In re Kennedy 2002-10-31
01-03772-JAR13 In re Gallipo 2002-08-14
02-00029-PCW S.L.S. Mgmt. v. McNeil 2002-06-10
01-06048-PCW13 In re Blumer 2002-05-24
02-00010-PCW Jump v. McNeil 2002-05-17
02-00011-PCW Mark T. Young Law Corp. v. McNeil 2002-05-11
02-01608-PCW11 In re Spokane Sports Bar, Inc. 2002-05-02
01-01342-PCW13 In re Schill 2002-04-03
99-00157-JAR Key Dev. Corp. v. Lake Inv. Co., Inc. 2002-03-28
01-06073-PCW11 In re McNeil 2002-02-21
00-07848-PCW13 In re Berzett 2001-12-14
01-00109-PCW Sacred Heart Med. Ctr. v. Aetna U.S. Healthcare of Wash., Inc. 2001-11-21
01-00915-PCW13 In re Odenthal 2001-10-10
99-03598-PCW13 In re Campion 2001-09-21
01-00027-PCW Empire Health Serv. v. Aetna U.S. Healthcare of Wash., Inc. 2001-07-11
00-02953-PCW11 In re Haff 2001-06-28
NA Memorandum Opinion on Discharge of Student Loans 2001-04-03
00-05174-PCW13 In re Frey 2001-03-08
98-07547-PCW7 In re Sanowski 2001-01-10
00-01645-PCW13 In re Shane 2001-01-10
97-06464-PCW7 In re S.M.L.P. 2000-10-16
98-07724-PCW7 In re Jones 2000-08-15
98-03428-PCW7 In re Adams 2000-08-01
98-03294-PCW13 In re Barton 2000-06-15
99-07063-PCW13 In re McCarthy 2000-03-29
99-02115-PCW7 In re Carter 2000-03-13
96-04420-JMK7 In re Huffine 2000-03-10
99-01962-PCW13 In re Vanetten 1999-12-10
98-06290-JAR13 In re Morrison 1999-11-19
97-06526-JAR13 In re Smiscon 1999-11-09
99-01989-PCW12 In re Hay 1999-09-28
97-06242-PCW11 In re Stephens 1999-09-24
96-0169-JAR Beeler v. Stanton 1999-09-17
NA Memorandum on Cost of Administration 1999-05-27
96-04391-JAR13 In re Doherty 1999-01-27
NA Memorandum Decision on Post-Confirmation Fees 1998-09-01
97-06944-JAR13 In re Samaniego 1998-08-13
97-06200-JAR7 In re Ponce 1998-03-10
97-05293-PCW13 In re Jones 1998-03-09
96-03777-JAR13 In re Games 1997-10-10