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Electronic Proof of Claim (ePOC)

  • Does not require a login or password.
  • Allows you to create, amend, and withdraw a Proof of Claim in any chapter.
  • Allows you to file a Rule 3002 Supplement (Notice of Mortgage Payment Change, Notice of Postpetition Fees, Expenses, and Charges, or Response to Notice of Final Cure Payment).
  • Produces the Official Bankruptcy Form B10 (Proof of Claim) and permits supporting documents to be attached.
  • Electronically files the claim with the court and provides you with the assigned claim number and final claim form which may be printed or electronically saved.

 File a Proof of Claim / Amend a Claim

 File a Supplement to a Claim

 File a Withdrawal of Claim


 ePOC Instructions

ONLY if you are unable to complete this claim electronically, click here to download and print Official Form B 410 Proof of Claim. This printed form must be completed and mailed to our Spokane office for filing.